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    Inside Autumn Crop

    Island Chic: The re-imagination of the Curve & Pearl

    Island Chic: The re-imagination of the Curve & Pearl

    The new Curve & Pearl Collection is for the working woman craving a high-end statement piece to complement her everyday look. An ensemble of 30 pieces, the collection comprises of pieces made with Swarovski pearls and crystals, Autumn Crop’s signature Curve shell, cultured pearls and sterling silver.

    The Graycen Earrings

     We wanted to give our clients a collection that speaks to the high end diva in all of us. This collection’s classic look is just in time for the holiday season and we know it’s going to be a major draw for gifts. 

     Curve and Pearl with Model

    The Curve & Pearl steps away from the traditionally edgy designs that we are know for and caters to a sophisticated crowd that loves glamour as much as they crave drama in their personal collection of accessories.


    What makes this collection really pop are the naturally curved shells that house a delicate pearl of varying sizes depending on the piece chosen.

    The Curve shell (as it is known in The Bahamas) is a boat-shaped shell from a Chiton (pronounced Kai/ton) mollusc. It’s the tri-coloured beauty of the shell that gives the entire collection its engaging and exotic look. Each shell boasts a mixture of blues, browns and ivory in varying shades making every piece created a one of a kind. 


    To the naked eye, the shell is nothing special, but when it’s polished and we add our special touch to it, it takes on a whole different look and appeal. It’s the shell’s ability to transform a simple pearl into a something that royalty would crave is what inspired me to create this collection.”

    A member of the Island Elements by Autumn Crop, the new Curve & Pearl pieces embrace their Bahamian roots with each piece.  The entire collection is available in our online shop.  You can also take a peek at our fancy schmancy lookbook, and let us know what you think. (smile) 

    Our Sexiest Collection Ever! Purple Haze

    In all of her years designing, I never thought to use my favorite color in my designs… until now. Our new collection Purple Haze, is our sexiest collection to date. Its flirty, light and fun. Its for the lady who love eclectic designs and ready to add a bit of umph to her jewelry wardrobe this summer!.

    The varying colors of purple that I love were my inspiration for this collection by using various hues of the color in each piece, it gave way to some very dynamic and transformative designs.The 20-piece collection is a funky assortment made from dark coconut and accented with an a array of Swarovski crystals, plum leather, bamboo corals, pearls, purple cabochons and mixed metals.

    “You can wear it to the beach or leave it for date night. The collection is a resort/summer hybrid and so you will most definitely find something in the collection for you.“It’s a must have for the season because it's different and will most definitely have heads turning in your direction.”


    But the collection is also available in very limited quantities so not everyone will be able to experience Purple Haze for themselves. To see more of the collection visit our gallery. Hope you love it as  much as we love bringing it to you. 


    Mom's the World!

    Mom's the World!

    This Sunday, all eyes will be focused on that special mom in your life and Autumn Crop is here to help you put your best foot forward.

    From now until the big day, our team is doing the unthinkable and GIVING away fabulous gifts for you to surprise the number one lady in your life.

    All you have to do is follow three simple rules and one of these spectacular gifts could be yours.

    1. Like our Instagram page.
    2. Tag a friend who is a mom as well.
    3. Tell her to like our page back.

    It’s literally that simple. As a bonus, some lucky winners will have the pleasure of receiving a second gift for another mom in some of the giveaways!

    Winners will be announced at 5p.m. EST daily so get to tagging and we wish you the best of luck. Who knows, today may just be your lucky day!

    The timid are not allowed! The Natural Edge Collection

    Natural Edge – A higher level of style

    Autumn Crop is open this season… but the timid are NOT allowed!

    Chelsea has had a revelation and that revelation has given birth to a new line of jewelry with an edge many women only desire of embracing in their own lives.

    The Natural Edge Collection breaks away from the brighter tone set by the company in the past.

    The Collection is a unique fusion of snowflake obsidian gemstones, Swarovski crystal pearls, metal mixes of pewter, brass and gunmetal with feather and tassel embellishments. 

    “This season I wanted something that was different and wanted to come outside of our element,” Johnson explains. “I am looking for the lady who wants to revamp her personal look.  I want to appeal to her this season – the woman who sees beyond the mundane media and wants to reveal her true self.”

    Natural Edge is fierce,” says Chelsea. “It’s different and shows a more confident me. It’s from my heart and I think it’s where a lot of women are right now. Beyond what’s out there. The collection allows them to enjoy being themselves and where they are in life with a touch of intrigue. We hope our customers loves it just as much as we love bringing it to them."

    View our lookbook      Click here to Shop the entire collection 

    Autumn Crop Goes to London

    Autumn Crop Goes to London

    Olympia, London was the hot spot this January as the annual Top Drawer trade show took center stage. And Autumn Crop bold jewelry was there for it all.

     From January 15-17, our brand engaged hundreds of potential clients and spectators who were willing to embrace the Autumn Crop experience.

     “It was like retail on steroids,” Chelsea says. “We did the catwalk which drew a lot of persons to over to our booth and that was very exciting. The entire experience was exhilarating.”

     The Top Drawer experience gave a carefree and vibrant Autumn Crop a first-hand look at what the industry wants, how it perceives a product and ways to make it better.

    “I was shocked,” she says. “The buyers gave me amazing tips that were good and we are making the recommended adjustments. It’s such an honour to have persons love your work, see the distinctive points of it and want to carry it in their store.


    Chelsea advises any designer or creative retailer to be open and prepared at an event like Top Drawer.

    “Interact with participants and other exhibitors and give your best,” she says. “Things may not always work out the way you hoped or imagined, however, enjoy the journey. It will open doors to other opportunities you may not have otherwise known about. Also, keep it simple and easy, but be creative and be you.”

    Look out for Autumn Crop in stores coming soon in the UK!