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    It takes a bold woman to wear Autumn Crop. Our eclectic pieces - created with natural elements from our Bahamian shores - unleashes the fashionista within our clients.

    The Autumn Crop jewelry brand captures the carefree and relaxed lifestyle of the Bahama Islands, bringing a modern flair in its one-of a kind statement jewelry pieces.

    We are passionate about our designs and strive for great design, originality and quality. Using a selection of coconut, gemstones and mixed metals Autumn Crop designs for the woman looking to make a bold statement with her jewelry.

    An Autumn Crop design never goes out of style and the sentiment is celebrated through the many accolades received by our clients

     “It’s such a wonderful feeling to create for someone… and even better to see them wearing your design and it complements their personality and style,” says Chelsea, Autumn Crop’s owner and founder.

    With nearly six years under her belt, Chelsea credits her mom as the catalyst and inspiration for the burgeoning company. Her design inspiration comes from the colorful and creative lifestyle of the Bahamian culture she interacts with everyday. Chelsea's aim is to continue to create beautiful jewelry that has a personalize feel, ethically sourced and sustainable. Her designs have been featured in British Vogue, Tatler (London’s oldest magazine for the affluent) and Conde Nast Traveler. She has worked along with John Bull and the Atlantis resort.

    Her vibrant designs have travelled the globe thanks to customers hailing from Africa, India and Russia.

    “There’re been a lot of bumps in the road but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world,” she says. “When you are passionate about something you will never give up no matter how many doors are closed before you. Stay with a heart of gratitude, stay focused and enjoy the ride."

    Chelsea's design philosophy: Make it from your heart, and don't make it boring!